Services & Facilities

Reception/Waiting Room

When you walk into the Rowville Veterinary Clinic you are immediately greeted by our friendly nurses at reception. Our nurses are able to assist you with any queries that you might have as well as help guide you with nutritional, worming or other healthcare decisions. Our nurses will greet you and help you weigh your pet before your consultation. They will also examine and admit your pet for surgery.


Rowville Veterinary Clinic & Hospital


Consultation Rooms

At the Rowville Veterinary Clinic we have 2 consultation rooms. They both contain networked computers so that we can get immediate access to your pet's medical history.

Our consultation rooms are bright and cheery and larger than most - plenty of room for the entire family!

Our consultation rooms are where we perform routine vaccinations, dental checks, lameness exams, skin exams, eye exams, microchipping and general check ups. 




In house Pharmacy

 We have a well stocked in house pharmacy that carries all of the medications that we might need for your pet for both routine care and emergency treatment.




Clinical Pathology

Immediately outside the consultation rooms we have an area designated to pathology. It is here that we look at samples taken from your pet's skin and ears as well as aspirates taken from lumps and bumps. It is also where we analyse blood, urine and faecal samples and start to piece together how we might be able to help your pet.

For full blood and urine tests that we aren't able to do inhouse we use a professional veterinary laboratory.

Generally we receive results within 24 hours.


Clinical Pathology


Diagnostic Imaging


At the Rowville Veterinary Clinic we have a state of the art digital xray machine which can xray pets as small as a mouse up to pets as big as an 80kg dog! All of our vets are qualified to analyse and interpret xrays.


Ultrasonography is a very useful, non-invasive diagnostic tool for examining the abdomen and the heart. We have a fantastic veterinary ultrasound machine at the practice.

All of the vets are skilled at using the ultrasound machine.  Dr. Georgia Hedge has a special interest in ultrasongraphy .





Our hospital has separate wards for dogs and cats. This helps to minimise the stress on your pet when in the hospital. It also helps us manage infectious disease. We also have a high dependency area which is where we place our intensive care patients that need very close observation.

Animals are admitted to hospital for surgery as well as when they are sick and require inhouse treatments. All of the vets have extensive experience in the management of medical issues. Dr Kristen Moran has a special interest in complicated medical cases.



Our surgical suite is fully equipped with the most up to date and modern furnishings, instruments and machinery. This includes anaesthetic machines, hospital standard surgery tables, theatre lights, a warming cocoon, a suction unit, a cautery unit, fluid pumps and modern monitoring equipment which measures ECG, HR, oxygen, carbon dioxide, blood pressure and temperature.

Our surgery is a sterile area and we use sterilised instruments during surgery. These instruments are strictly maintained by our nurses.

We perform a large range of soft tissue and orthopaedic surgeries at the practice. These include, desexings, lump removals, intestinal surgeries, exploratory surgeries, stitch ups, caesareans, cruciate ligament repairs, patella surgeries, fracture repair and amputations.

All of our veterinarians perform surgery at the practice.  Dr. Rachael Guthry has a special interest in soft tissue surgery and Dr. Emma Fields has a special interest in orthopaedics.  She is often joined by Dr. Wing Tip Wong who has extensive experience as an orthopaedic surgeon.



Nurse station

This is the area where our nurses scrub the surgical instruments, wash surgical scrubs and bedding and sterilise all surgical instruments, drapes and gowns.


Nurses Station


Surgical Preparation and Treatment Area

This is the treatment area where your pets are anaesthetised and prepared for surgery.

It is a nice and quiet area in a corner of the clinic.


Prep Area



Dental procedures are also carried out in the treatment area.  

We have state of the art dental equipment including an ultrasonic scaler and a dental base which has a drill and polisher - similar to what your own dentist has!

All procedures are performed while your pet is under anaesthetic, to ensure the most thorough and detailed exam possible.





Acupuncture is an application of traditional chinese medicine and is a holistic approach to healing.

At the Rowville Veterinary Clinic we believe acupuncture to be an excellent adjunct to traditional medicine. Dr. Monica Sellin is a qualified veterinary acupuncturist. She uses acupuncture to address both acute and chronic conditions such as osteoarthritis, pain, vestibular disease and urinary conditions.  

Monica also uses a TENS machine to address trigger points.



Puppy preschool

Once a week the staff room at the front of the clinic is converted into puppy preschool! Puppy preschool is run by Nicole Townsend (who is a delta qualified instructor) and Rosie Hargrave (one of our awesome nurses).

At puppy preschool we teach you how to train your pup and we provide the foundation for a well mannered and enjoyable member of the family. We use positive reward based training - this means lots of food and lots of love! Puppy preschool is also a great opportunity for early socialisation in a supervised and safe environment. Finally, puppy preschool gives your pup confidence in the vet clinic!

Puppy preschool runs once a week for 4 weeks and helps to set your pup up for success. Please contact the clinic for bookings and further details.


Puppy Preschool



At the rear of the clinic in a secure area we have a hydrobath.

Hydrobaths are specialised baths for washing your dog. They recycle water containing the shampoo of your choice and pump the water deep into your pet's coat. This makes more efficient use of the shampoo and ensures that your pet's entire coat and skin are cleansed and massaged. This is especially useful when medicated shampoos are being used.

We provide natural shampoo and a dryer for your use. Please bring your own towels. 




Referral services

We have contacts with a number of veterinary specialists and will sometimes refer your pet for specialised procedures or treatments if required. We do this in order to provide your pet with the best possible care. We only refer to specialists who have earned our trust and confidence. In some cases, your pet will be seen at the clinic of the specialist veterinarian. In other cases, the specialist will visit our clinic to see you. We monitor your pet's treatment closely whilst under the care of a specialist, so please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or need support in making decisions.

Currently, Dr Linda Fleeman sees referral diabetic patients at our clinic and Dr Wing Tip Wong is available for orthopaedic surgical referrals . Dr Richard Wooley also provides a cardiology service at our practice.



Account Policy

Payment of all services is required on the day of service. We accept cash, cheque, bankcard, mastercard and visa. We understand that your pet is a beloved member of your family and sometimes they need veterinary care when you least expect it or when finances are tight. We can offer GE CARE CREDIT or VETPAY in most circumstances. These services offer a line of credit which can be used on all the pets in your household. Conditions apply.



Pet Insurance

Quality pet insurance is now available at affordable rates. Having your pets insured takes away the worry if your loved one is unexpectedly ill or involved in an accident. Most policies also cover routine care. You may be interested in the following links:

Please note that we do not endorse a specific insurance company. We have provided these links for information purposes only.